Vinson 300 Charcoal/Wood Grill Smoker in Black

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4 in 1 Functions: Pit Bosses, want it all and with Vinson’s 4 in 1 functions, you can have it! Enhance your cooking experience with the power of smoking, cold-smoking grilling, direct and indirect grilling all in one one capable smoker. Bring on the People: The Vinson 300 is perfect for backyard BBQ’s with friends and family. With over 973 square inches of cooking space that can cook up to 44 burgers at a time, let the good times roll! Porcelain Coated Steel Cooking Grates: Durable and easy to clean porcelain cooking grates are incredibly efficient create excellent grill marks. The porcelain coating makes them easier for you to clean and maintain. Easy Clean Up: Charcoal is great for flavor, but terrible on mess. Don’t worry, we’ve added an extra large, fully enclosed ash access panel that allows you to clean up with a breeze. Cooking Control At All Times: Easily read and adjust the temperature of your grill with this built in lid thermometer. This stainless steel lid thermometer accurately tracks your cooking temperatures at a glance without interrupting the magic on the inside of the grill. Made for Chef Style Convenience: Own your food prep with large removable front prep shelve. Since a chef shouldn’t miss the celebration, easily move the grill to the perfect location on your deck with the wheeled cart. Engineered to Smoke: The key to great BBQ is heat and smoke distribution which is exactly what Vinson 300 is designed for.

  • 4 in 1 functions: smoking, cold smoking, direct and indirect grilling
  • 4 in. Dia chimney with adjustable rain cap maximizes draft
  • 5 mm porcelain enamel cooking grates
  • Removable front shelf
  • 973 sq. in. of total cooking area
  • Heavy-duty 1.5 mm cooking chamber, firebox and 2.0 mm lid
  • Smoking chamber engineered for optimum heat and smoke circulation
  • Stainless steel handles
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