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Comfortable Heated Seat

  • The specially designed, contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable temperature settings allow users to choose their perfect level of warmth and maintain that desired setting.
  • Early in the morning or through the winter seasons, this heated seat will keep you warm and cozy.

    Self-Cleaning Wand

    • Wand designed to repel substances and self-cleans before and after each use.
    • Water stream angle is designed to prevent splash back on the wand.
    • Creates a hygienic and sanitary component by cleaning both the inside and outside of the wand.

      Refreshing Cleansing Spray

      • Adjustable Water Temperature and Pressure for customized¬†cleaning.
      • Innovative AIR-IN WONDER WAVE technology provides a strong, yet gentle water stream.
      • Create a superior cleanse without being too harsh with a rear, rear soft, and front cleansing function.
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