Pro-Lite Carbon Steel Edger, Red

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If you want a durable edger tool that is quiet and sturdy, the Radius Garden half-moon edger is an ideal gardening tool for you. It is a cheaper, quiet and low maintenance alternative to an electric or gas-powered edger tool that can make the same crisp edges in your garden. This tool might be old-fashioned, but it is the best lawn edging shovel for irregular edges in your yard. You can maintain a neatly cut edge without worrying about oil, fuel or maintenance with this manual turf edger.

  • Step edger tool that is a clean, quiet and low-maintenance alternative to a gas-powered edger to maintain sleek edges in your garden
  • An extra-wide elevated forward step that provides more leverage while supporting your balance for optimal safety and performance
  • Create crisp and clean garden edges the fast and economical way
  • Heat-treated landscaping edger with a carbon steel blade that needs to be wiped clean after each use to maintain its quality and performance
  • Fiberglass shaft for heavy-duty digging task
  • Edger blade measures approximately 9 in. x 5 in.
  • Entire edger tool measures approximately 40. 25 in. L
  • Garden edger shovel with a modern design for a more enjoyable gardening experience
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