Pop-Up Floor Box with Dual Type A, 3.6 Amp USB Charger, 20Amp Outlet, Brushed Nickel

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The Pop-Up Floor Box Receptacle offers a modern, practical way to attractively conceal electrical wiring devices in homes and businesses, while still providing accessibility to power when needed. Featuring a sleek low profile and stylish metal cover that recesses neatly into the floor when not in use, it takes only the press of a button to make the receptacle available. The Pop-Up Floor Box Receptacle may be used to satisfy the appropriate code requirements for residential and commercial applications; it also offers protection from ingress of water spray when closed and meets or exceeds scrub water test for safety.

  • Time saving installation - terminal block is pre-wired for easy access, just insert the wires and tighten the screws
  • Convenient low profile, stylish metal cover recesses into the floor when not in use reducing above floor height to inch, press button to access
  • Protection meets or exceeds Ul 514A including scrub water test, IP 44 rated protection from ingress water spray from any direction when closed
  • Versatile can be used with a variety of flooring types: tile, stone, wood, laminate, carpet, concrete and vinyl
  • USB TR outlet included provides charging for electronic devices leaving outlets available for other power needs
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