5-Head 50 ft. 2500-Lumen LED String Light with Easy Install Clips

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This GT-LITE ultra-bright LED String Light puts out 2500 Lumens of 5000K Light over the 50 ft. of AC cord. These can be linked end-to-end up to 20 units for over 1000 ft. of light. Each head shines 500 lumens of light and comes with an easy to install carabiner for easy worksite, campsite or backyard installation. Long lasting LEDs never need to be replaced and use a fraction of the energy that equivalent florescent or halogen bulbs use.

  • 2500-Lumens in total (500-Lumens per head)
  • 70 lin. ft. of light coverage at 10 ft. in height
  • Link up to 20-units
  • Light heads spaced 10 ft. apart
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