4 ft. Indoor/Outdoor Bay Leaf Artificial Topiary Tree

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Standing at a height of 4 ft., the artificial bay leaf’s green foliage is expertly arranged, giving it a voluminous appearance that will be sure to fill up any gaps in your home’s décor arrangement. Since the foliage is also UV-resistant, it can also be placed outside. However, to get the opportunity to witness its beauty up close, place it in your breakfast nook beside or behind your bench. Add a colorful flowering plant as a centerpiece to serve as a accent for the overall look. Silk plants are manufactured using synthetic materials, such as polyester material or plastic, and are well designed and constructed to be life-like in appearance. This item will need to be re-shaped when removed from the secure box to allow it to reach its fullest size. Your plant will look beautiful for years to come; simply wipe clean with a soft dry cloth when needed.

  • Good choice for a breakfast nook
  • Uses quality handcrafted materials
  • Requires no work to maintain tree's shape
  • Lush green leaves are UV-resistant
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Silk trees are manufactured using synthetic materials and are well designed and constructed to be life-like in appearance
  • Item may need to be re-shaped when removed from box; this plant can easily bend for reshaping purposes - please separate and fluff the branches and leaves to achieve desired fullness
  • Measurements are from each furthest outstretched dimension
  • Overall product dimensions: 4 ft. H, 12 in. W, 12 in. D
  • Pot dimensions: 5.5 in. H, 7 in. W, 7 in. D
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