1.5-Amp Decora Illumatech Single Pole Step Fan Speed Control With Preset Button, White/ Ivory/ Light Almond

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IllumaTech Preset Dimmers and Fan Speed Controls feature a low-profile fluid slide bar movement for fine adjustment of light levels or fan speeds that is accompanied by an easy-to-use ON/OFF preset switch. The switch provides quick ON/OFF control without disturbing your favorite pre-selected settings. Most feature a built-in LED locator light, as well. Models are available for incandescent, magnetic or electronic low-voltage and Mark 10 Powerline dimming-ballast fluorescent lighting and quiet and standard fan speed control. All Preset models are designed for both single-pole (one-location) and 3-way (multi-location) applications.

  • California residents
  • Quiet 1.5-Amp fan speed controls are ideal for libraries or study rooms and any area where ceiling fan noise could become distracting
  • Captive wrap-around slide bar remains securely attached
  • Easy to use push button switch with conveniently positioned green led locator
  • Streamlined popular decora styling complements interiors and is compatible with other decora devices
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